When it comes to influencing public policy, creative problem solving, and resonating complex messages with diverse audiences, real-world experience is critical for success.


Based in Lansing, Michigan, the staff of Vanguard Public Affairs has both provided senior counsel to foundations, advocacy organizations, private equity companies, school districts, law firms, corporations, and regulatory agencies, as well as successfully managed a host of public advocacy and municipal millage campaigns.

With a total of a dozen staff members, Vanguard Public Affairs brings that broader expertise to all of its clients, along with a comprehensive approach to complex issues that has broad-based appeal to both sides of the aisle. 

For more than 30 years collectively, Vanguard Public Affairs has worked to devise and execute strategic programs that have achieved marketing, regulatory, and reputational objectives for leaders across the Midwest.


  • Public Relations and Marketing

  • Strategic Communications

  • Brand and Identity Development

  • Media Relations

  • Media Training

  • Public Affairs

  • Digital Media and Web Site Development

  • Social Media Development and Strategy

  • Campaign and Organizational Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Advertising Development and Media Placement

  • Analytics and Outcome Measurement

  • Organization Planning and Policy Development

  • Reputation Management

  • Focus Group Management

  • Coalition Building


  • K-12 and Higher Education

  • Nonprofits and Foundations

  • Public Awareness Campaign Construction and Passage

  • Climate Change, Energy, and Environment

  • Politics and Elections

  • Health Care

  • Mental Health

  • Local, State, and Federal Governance and Municipal Finance 

  • Crisis Communications

  • Financial Services

  • Information Technology

  • Intergovernmental Relations

  • Political Strategy and Advocacy

  • Health & Wellness


State Sen. Jeff Irwin, MI-18

“When I needed compelling direct mail pieces, Vanguard was ready to step in and help. The design team had a quick turnaround time and handled everything down to printing and postage, allowing us to focus on winning the race. I would recommend their services to any candidate looking for well-designed campaign literature.”

State Rep. Sarah Anthony, MI-68

“Not only did Vanguard provide my campaign with great social graphics and videos, digital communications, and print and web design, but they also spent all of Election Day knocking on doors, making phone calls and setting up for our election night watch party. From day one, they listened and made me feel valued as a client and candidate.”

Paul Brown, U-M Regent

“Vanguard played an instrumental role in my election. From digital media and website design to traditional communications like press outreach and staffing the Michigan Democratic Party Nominating Convention, the Vanguard team was always ready to jump in and turn my ideas into reality.”



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