When I was a little kid, my mom would say “Don’t take things that don’t belong to you.” 

And if I did anyway she would say “Give it back this instant, young man.”

If I didn’t, I knew justice – mom-style – would be swift and sure: A good solid two hours in my room was in my immediate future so I could “think” about what I’d done. (I never did, by the way.)

And if that didn’t...

We don’t “get” rape in this country. We really don’t on some weird, sad level.

We seem to understand it’s a “bad” thing – certainly nothing we’d want to happen to our daughters, wives, mothers or sisters. But as a society we often don’t seem to see it or treat it as the brutal, horrific and debilitating crime it truly is.

You can see it in sentences like the baffling one g...

President Obama made an overdue point in Flint recently. He said, ‘I’m not here to go through the full history of what happened. Government officials at every level weren’t attentive to potential problems the way they should have been."

The larger problem, he added, is the "corrosive attitude that exists in our politics. It’s a mind-set that believes that less government...

Apparently I bought $4,000 worth of appliances for my property company the other day at a big box hardware store 60 miles from my home.

Problem is I don't have a property company. Nor would I drive around the block to a big box hardware store much less 60 miles because going to a big box hardware store signals an intent to fix stuff around the house, which I most definite...

Mourn fast, America. The San Bernardino massacre will be all but forgotten within a few days, maybe even before you read this. (I can only type so fast.)

It will be supplanted by tomorrow's shooting, which will be overshadowed by the one the day after that, which will be eclipsed by the one after that.

Massacres, it seems, are the new American norm.

So much so, in fact, tha...

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