Republicans are now calling the irresponsible House plan for Detroit Public Schools a “compromise.”

Only in our Bizarro-world Michigan political system can that word be used.

In the business world our Republican leaders are so fond of saying they want to emulate, a compromise is a mutually agreeable solution between conflicting stakeholders.

Who is missing from this “compro...

One year ago, House Republicans boasted about protecting local anti-discrimination ordinances while passing the “Death Star” bill.

Now that seems so quaint. Now, certain Republicans have embarked on a new campaign to mobilize their base by targeting perhaps the most marginalized group of all: transgender kids.

To that end, a group of 20 House Republicans dropped a “bathroo...

It may be tempting to shrug off the Michigan Senate’s bill banning local regulation of plastic bags as just another example of Republicans’ business-first agenda. But this one is particularly egregious in that it directly contradicts one of the Legislature’s chief responsibilities outlined in the state Constitution.

The Senate voted May 10 to prohibit local communities fr...

As Michigan careens from crisis to crisis, it isn’t hyperbolic to say the nation is watching.

They’re watching, and they can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Our fair state has in recent years acquired the distinctions of poisoning a city’s water supply, having the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, being incapable of funding even the most basic of road repairs, a...

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