Tell us about your role at Vanguard I feel lucky to have been part of Vanguard Public Affairs from the very beginning. We will celebrate the firm’s fifth anniversary on May 19! As Vanguard has grown, I have taken on more responsibilities. My job as Chief Operating Officer is somewhat like being a train conductor. I work to make sure all of the trains are on time and tha...

Forms of address can vary between cultures, so if you are welcoming foreign visitors ask about titles and pronunciation before their arrival. The following provides some basic information on honorifics and courtesy titles, as well as specific instructions on addressing written correspondence, conversation and place cards for a formal meal.

Saving time and improving efficiency are priorities for any busy professional. Our color-coded organizational system will make getting through piles of paperwork a breeze.

The first step is to purchase four large color folders in red, yellow, orange and green. When you start organizing your mail, invoices, periodicals and reports, you will sort them into one of these fold...

To have a successful event it is best to have layers of contingency. The most successful event plans are flexible. If you have planned appropriately, then you won’t suffer a huge setback when a potential roadblock appears. To gain an advantage before your next event, ask yourself these questions:

  •   Are you prepared for equipment failure?

  •   Do you have access...

With all of the closings due to last week's polar vortex, we have assisted clients with canceling events. It was during this process that the discussion came up of using one or two "l's" in the word cancelling.

We all know that the English language is unique and has many challenging word variations, but some of these variations are uniquely American. There are several are...

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