I started with Vanguard Public Affairs on April 23, 2018. I was on the job hunt for a few months, each time loading pages and pages of jobs in and around Traverse City. I heavily considered leaving the industry in order to stay in a place that was breathtaking and constantly making “Top 10 Places to Visit This Summer” lists. I’m grateful I didn’t.

I first heard of Vanguar...

As a designer, my eye often catches little nuances in print and digital advertisements. Whether it be a play on words in the headline, the use of color or the way elements are arranged.

Oh, look at this justified type, not usually my favorite, but man, it works well in this instance.

The thing that almost always catches my attention is whether or not the web address includ...

You may not be ready for election-related TV ads, political “spam” all over your Facebook feed or the amount of political literature that’s about to hit your mailbox – but I am! As the Creative Director for Vanguard Public Affairs, I revel in all things design, especially when it comes to political races.

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The Fierce Urgency of Now

June 5, 2020

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