Staff Spotlight: Nicole Kreager's Winning Skill Set

Whether you’re on the softball field or in the office, the ability to work in teams, manage stress and stay motivated is essential to success.

Vanguard communications manager, Nicole Kreager, is a prime example.

“Fitness has always been a part of my life,” she says.

Kreager started her softball career at eight years old and stuck with it for a solid decade, playing all the way through high school. She was offered an athletic scholarship to the University of Michigan-Dearborn, but turned down the offer to attend Michigan State University and pursue a degree in communications.

Although Kreager did not play at the collegiate level, the lessons she learned on the softball field stayed with her. Her ability to work in teams got her through group projects, perseverance kept her on the study grind and when her stress levels spiked, she knew the gym was waiting for her. “It’s a great stress reliever. I would go to the gym after feeling overwhelmed with school,” said Kreager.

Now, as a proud Spartan alumna and young professional, Kreager is leveraging her skillset to impress clients, meet deadlines and take on leadership roles at Vanguard.

“I enjoy and look forward to new responsibilities, because I know that as a young person I am constantly learning. I am just trying to absorb as much as possible while I am here.”

Looking toward the future, Nicole hopes to work with new clients who share her passions. “I love meeting new clients, learning about the issues they advocate for and helping them communicate their vision,” Kreager said.

Kreager also looks forward to increasing her involvement in the community – she recently volunteered to assemble care packages for hurricane victims in Haiti – travelling to new places and building her career.

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