Getting to know Megdi Abebe

Megdi joined the Vanguard team in October and has settled in nicely as our newest digital media manager. We think it's time you get to know her.

How is the transition from college student to working professional going?

So far, so good. I’ve had previous experience working 40 hours a week and it was difficult to adjust to at first, but I really love having my evenings to myself. I enjoy not having to worry about homework or studying. It gives me the chance to be free to do what I want.

What do you like most about working at Vanguard?

I love love love the people and shared values at Vanguard. I like what we stand for and the types of clients we serve. I feel we do important work for various causes I am passionate about so it’s amazing I get the chance to really make an impact.

How would you describe the workplace culture?

Relaxed and hard working! It’s a fun, friendly environment that is also super productive and effective.

What previous experiences have you been drawing on to guide you?

I have been drawing on my experience from my internship at Human Rights First in D.C. where I served as a communication intern. Although it was much larger than Vanguard, I learned valuable skills in time-management, learning to initiative and to take constructive criticism.

I also draw on my experiences at the MSU Women’s Resource Center where I learned how to balance social time with my co-workers and productivity. My last job was filled with so much mentorship and friendship, so I enjoy that the same sentiments are shared here.

Which projects are you most excited to work on?

I am really excited to work more closely with the ACLU on the Fair Justice/Smart Justice campaign because I care deeply about mass incarceration and criminal justice reform. I am definitely looking forward to bettering my design skills on Photoshop and other Adobe programs as well as fiddle around with more multi-media elements.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I am a huge foodie so I love trying new restaurants around the Lansing area. I am a Thai food connoisseur so I make it my personal mission to eat at every Thai restaurant in the area. I love staying up to date on current news and trends by reading constantly, whether that is books or articles online. I also love watching T.V. and binging on a new show.

What is your favorite food?

My family is from Ethiopia, so Ethiopian food is my absolute favorite food (and the probably best food on the planet). My particular dish I love is Doro Wat, which is chicken served in a cayenne pepper-based stew mixed with several ingredients like cardamom, caramelized onions and spiced butter. It is always served on a holey, flat bread called Injera. Yum.

What are you currently Netflix binging?

I am currently binging on Shameless, which is hilarious. Some of my favorite shows on Netflix include The Get Down, Chewing Gum and of course, Parks and Recreation. I know this is not Netflix, but I just got done with Westworld and Insecure on HBO which were both epic (I just had to say that).

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Funny. Kind. Creative. Idealist. Reserved.

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