Pundits Weigh In On Nassar Response Bills, Flint Legal Cases, More

Editor's note: Vanguard President and CEO TJ Bucholz joins a panel of political pundits to discuss Dr. Larry Nassar response legislation and the legal proceedings connected to Flint.

Q. Is it an injustice to the survivors of Larry Nassar if the legislature does not pass "retroactive statute of limitations" changes as they've requested?

T.J. BUCHOLZ of Vanguard Public Affairs feels the legislature needs to make sure the retroactivity covers the period Dr. Larry NASSAR was at Michigan State University. "At minimum, these laws, should cover that period retroactively for the Nassar case. But, it does have a lot of long-term repercussions, not just for universities but for a lot of institutions," he added. Q. Does the length of the Flint legal proceedings present a political risk or boon for Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE's gubernatorial aspirations?

Bucholz, who notes he's close with Lyon having worked with him in the past, and is an advisor to a Democratic Attorney General candidate, notes that the closer it gets to November, it could become more problematic for Schuette. "One way or another this is going to be an electoral issue that Schuette and the Democrats are going to have to deal with," Bucholz notes. "If it's positioned right by his team, it can be positioned as a boon, but it's not black and white, yet. This is very much a gray area for state government and for the attorney general's office." Q. Does the "continue the comeback" message of Calley's campaign and his latest ad play with voters?

Hemond and Bucholz contend it's a message that appeals to GOP primary voters. So for now, it's the right message for the Lieutenant Governor. "They are mostly happy with what happened with Gov. Snyder and they are also happy with President Trump, so a continuity message makes sense there," Hemond said. Bucholz concurred: "In terms of the primary, it's about knowing your audience, and right now Calley is playing to the audience he believes will get him elected in a primary."

Q. Has Gretchen Whitmer sewn up the Democratic gubernatorial nomination?

For Bucholz, who's done work for Shri THANEDAR in the past, there is a difference between the nominating convention and the August primary. "She's certainly locked down labor and the establishment voters," he said. "The question is, 'How does this progressive community who wants someone new just for the sake of some one new, how does she appeal to that vote?'" Bucholz conceded that "She still has some work to do. If I were Gretchen Whitmer's campaign staff, I wouldn't be popping champagne bottles today, but I would be putting them in the refrigerator."

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