Sharpen Your Live-Tweeting Skills

Despite billions of users worldwide and random verified accounts popping up left and right, it’s important to remember that savvy and effective social media use is indeed a skill. The fact is, nearly everyone Tweets, but not everyone does it with poise. If you want to up your Twitter game and impress clients, follows these three tips to sharpen your live-tweeting skills.

1. Do Your Research

If you think events move quickly in person, you should see how fast they move on Twitter. Make sure you know the event name and organizers, and the dedicated hashtag so you aren’t fumbling around for information and correct spellings while the event is happening.

2. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is a critical part of live-tweeting. What’s even more important? Spelling the hashtag correctly. You wouldn’t believe how many people use #NetNuetrality instead of #NetNeutrality. Misspelling a hashtag is a sure way to take your brand out of the conversation while damaging credibility.

3. Engage With Other Live-Tweeters

Live-tweeting, like many things in life, is a game of give and take. An effective way to have your client’s tweets and brand noticed during a live event is to engage with other Tweeters. Liking, retweeting or even responding with a funny (but relevant and appropriate) GIF goes a long way.

Looking to hone in your Twitter skills even further? Take a look at this blog by my favorite social media management platform, Sprout Social.

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