Tips for Landing the Job

This year, Vanguard has welcomed many new members to our team. In order to find the best candidates, we sifted through countless resumes and conducted numerous interviews. Those who were hired were able to separate themselves from a crowd of qualified applicants. Here are a few things you can do to make yourself stand out as well:

Sell your experience

Even if you don’t have direct experience doing the job you’re applying for, that’s okay! Tell employers about the experience you do have and explain how the skills you gained apply to the position you want. No matter where you’ve worked, interned or volunteered, you have definitely picked up knowledge along the way that can be beneficial to any job.

Choose your words wisely

When reviewing resumes, employers often scan the page for keywords that show action. Don’t be passive. Write about how you increased revenue, drove engagement or led a project. Let the hiring team know that you can get things done and achieve positive results.

Be able to back it

Anything you put on your resume is fair game for employers to ask about or even test. In fact, many companies require potential hires to participate in exercises meant to demonstrate their skills. Vanguard, for example, often asks individuals to write a press release or design a social media graphic as part of the interview process. If you don’t have the skills you claim to possess, it will definitely show in the work you submit.

Do your research

When you’re applying for a job, it’s important to get to know all facets of the company. Learn about the organization’s values, work dynamic and business goals to see how you can contribute to the team. If you can see yourself working for a particular employer, help them see it too.

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