Skubick: Nassar survivor backs Calley in new political commercial

Editor's note: Vanguard President and CEO TJ Bucholz comments on the recent endorsement of Brian Calley by Larry Nassar survivors.

One of the prominent Larry Nassar survivors have endorsed Lt. Gov. Brian Calley for governor and the political pundits in town are trying to figure out what impact this will have on the race for governor.

Underdog candidate for governor Brian Calley has something front runner Bill Schuette does not have.

The endorsement of a prominent Larry Nassar survivor.

So is this a bit of a political coupe for Mr. Calley?

"I think so, to some degree," says T.J. Bucholz.

Pollster Ed Sarpolus wonders if the voters will make the connection that Brian Calley helped the survivors push through their anti-sexual abuse legislation.

"It's a good ad," said Sarpolus. "I like this ad but the point being, will they recognize this is about Lt. Governor Calley?"

Political consultant Bucholz thinks voters will make the connection.

"To some extent they'll equate Brian Calley as being a champion for the survivors in the Nassar case and they'd be correct."

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