Motion Graphics: The Best Form of Visual Communication

In the graphic design world, the best way to communicate a specific message has always been with traditional infographics or other types of static designs. While these forms of design still have their place in the industry, motion graphics are growing in popularity.

Motion graphics are traditional static designs that have been put into motion. They are often used to take complicated issues or subject matter and simplify the information into fun, engaging and compelling video content. Social media users will often see motion graphics on their timelines and new feeds as they are more likely to be clicked on and watched than a standard post or infographic.

It has already been proven that visual communication is the best way to get information across. According to the Social Science Research Network, over 65 percent of Americans consider themselves to be visual learners, making infographics extremely effective. However, another 30 percent of Americans are auditory learners. That is where motion graphics come into play. They connect with both styles of learning to help all audiences understand the information presented.

More and more companies and businesses are using motion graphics to strengthen visual communication and circulate informative material more effectively. This is a growing design trend and industry leaders should be open to this new and inventive form of communication.

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