Vanguard Clients Score Election Day Victories Across Michigan

Vanguard Public Affairs maintained a near perfect record for its clients on Election Day, with nine candidates across Michigan declaring victories.

Election Day triumphs included:

  • Andy Levin for U.S Congress (MI-09

  • Rashida Tlaib for U.S Congress (MI-13)

  • Jeff Irwin for State Senate (MI-18)

  • Sarah Anthony for State Representative (MI-68)

  • Rachel Hood for State Representative (MI-76)

  • Justice Elizabeth Clement for Michigan Supreme Court

  • Paul Brown for University of Michigan Board of Regents

  • Sean Carlson for Huron Valley Board of Education, and

  • Jon DeRoo for Anchor Bay Board of Education

“The outcome of these races speaks volumes of our team and the clients we have,” said Vanguard President and CEO TJ Bucholz. “Hard work and dedication are the touchstones of any good campaign, and candidates we choose to work with exemplify those qualities. We’re thrilled for their collective successes and believe Michigan is a better place because of them making the choice to serve the public.”

Vanguard worked diligently with campaign teams to make sure their clients finished strong. The firm assisted each candidate in different facets of their campaigns, employing many of the firm’s client services, such as campaign strategy, digital media, candidate communications, website design, media training, press outreach, television and radio production, branding, and direct mail. Leading up to and on Election Day, Vanguard also deployed staff to assist candidates in the field with get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts.

“All of our candidates have had competitive races with strong opponents, which is all the more reason Vanguard is thrilled to share in their victories,” said Vanguard’s Chief Strategist Abby Clark. “Campaigns are a team effort and we’re incredibly proud of all the hard work that was put into these races.”

“Each of our candidates is committed to serving the people of Michigan with integrity, and it’s important we communicate their vision to voters,” said Vanguard Senior Vice President Jen Eyer. “We believe in the message of each candidate we work with and what their campaigns stand for, and we are excited to celebrate their future successes in office.”

Vanguard is a full-service public affairs firm with a workforce of 13 practitioners, specializing in strategic communications, fundraising, media relations, message development, public affairs, crisis communications and digital media. It currently represents 18 clients in three states including nonprofits, school districts, municipal governments, law firms, labor unions and electoral candidates.

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