Can We Pencil In The Dems As 'Favored To Win The House?'

Editor's note: Vanguard Senior Vice President Jen Eyer joins a panel of political pundits to discuss the potential for a power shift in the Michigan House and other key election issues.

Q. At this point do the odds favor the Democrats winning the Michigan House?

Jen EYER, vice president of Vanguard Public Affairs, said even if the Dems should be favored to take back the House it's better for them to approach the election as if they were battling from behind. “Yes, it is certainly within reach for the Democrats to regain control of the Michigan House, but it depends on voters showing up and filling out the entire ballot,” Eyer said. “With just a month left to go, Democrats can't get complacent and expect the `blue wave' to just happen. They have to show up on Nov. 6, preferably with five like-minded friends.”

Q. Supposedly the outcome of the midterm elections will come down to which major party does a better job of turning out its voters. However, isn't it true that Michigan is really a blue state where -- if Democratic voters show up at the polls in anything approaching normal presidential year levels -- the Republicans are going to lose no matter what? “In recent years, we've seen more Democrats vote than Republicans at various levels on the ballot, yet Republicans retain majorities due to the way they've stacked the deck by drawing district boundaries favorable to themselves,” Eyer said. “On the other hand, Democrats came out in droves in the primary. If we see similar Democratic turnout on Nov. 6, it could certainly lead to big wins for Democrats despite our highly gerrymandered state. But again, Democrats have to show up and vote all the way down the ballot.”

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