With clock ticking, will Trump come to Michigan for Bill Schuette?

Editor's note: Vanguard President and CEO TJ Bucholz comments on President Trump's impact on the gubernatorial race.

President Donald Trump has visited other states ahead of the election but still not graced Michigan, where Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette has touted the president's endorsement.

In the polls, Schuette is tailing Democratic candidate Gretchen Whitmer.

But Schuette is confident he's gaining ground and will win the race.

A visit from Donald Trump, experts say, would be a boost for Schuette.

While the president himself hasn't come to Michigan, a slow tide of Trump surrogates have rolled through the state recently.

His son, Donald Trump Jr., and daughter-in-law Lara Trump both came, though only Lara Trump did an appearance with Schuette. Vice President Mike Pence did a rally for U.S. Rep. John James in August and is slated to come to a general Republican event next week.

His wife, Karen Pence, is coming to Michigan Friday to rally with Lena Epstein, the Republican candidate in the 11th Congressional district.

But TJ Bucholz, President and CEO of the left-leaning Vanguard Public Affairs, said the only candidate to directly come to a Schuette event so far, Lara Trump, is "kind of a sad-level surrogate."

It would be good for Schuette if Trump did come, Bucholz said.

"Trump's arrival in Michigan may lead to, I think more excitement among Republican voters and given the high voter turnout that we're seeing already in the absentees and probably on election day, it should be able to galvanize the base to the polls, which is what their goal should be," Bucholz said.

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