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Every nonprofit organization and association could use additional funds to do more for their members.

Hackett Auto Museum Fundraising Goals

Whether it’s developing current messaging about a new initiative or program or making changes that need to be shared with your members, an influx of grants, individual donations or corporate gifts can help you better serve your members and community.

How can you make that happen when you don’t have the additional staff or time to build and maintain the types of relationships needed for a robust fundraising effort?

Often, investing in an outside consultant can help you achieve your fundraising goals.

Here are five benefits of working with Vanguard as your fundraising consultant:

Return on Investment (ROI): Sure, it’s another line on your stretched budget, but working with an outside consulting/fundraising service can have a significant ROI. Working together will allow you to develop and implement a new strategic plan or launch a new initiative. With a plan in place, you can identify three to five revenue streams at different giving levels to provide the funding you need.

Messaging: A development expert can help you craft a message that will resonate with your potential donors and help them understand how their gift can have a significant impact. Once you’ve communicated the need and the donor’s role, you can follow up with a successful “ask” – especially if you have a quick turnaround time on an issue or goal.

Consistent communication with your donors: This is a critical step to a successful fundraising campaign, whether it is a short- or long-term effort. Your staff time may be spent maintaining your general communication plans—but someone to help keep you “on course” with a fundraising message and timeline focus may help you reach your goal faster and more effectively.

Engaging your board members: Board members should be your biggest allies, so it’s especially important to make sure they feel engaged and remain active in your fundraising efforts. Once they’re on board and understand your goals and your plan to achieve them, you can ask them to help engage their peers and assist with a successful campaign. Outside help can focus on this effort and train or coach your board members to make calls or have in-person meetings with potential funders.

Timeline: Many times campaigns get off track when other issues come up that can cause a distraction. Having someone constantly keeping you on track with timelines and deadlines will help keep you on course to successfully reach your goal.

Vanguard Public Affairs offers a team of fundraising experts with many years of experience in strategic planning and implementation of the elements for a successful fundraising effort. Whether you need an entire strategic fundraising plan or just assistance with certain elements of your campaign, we excel at working with your executive team, members and stakeholders to put together a plan to fit your needs, including implementing a capital campaign, identifying and working through the application process for foundation grants, and planning fundraising events.

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