Come Together, Right Now, and Drop the WWW

As a designer, my eye often catches little nuances in print and digital advertisements. Whether it be a play on words in the headline, the use of color or the way elements are arranged.

Oh, look at this justified type, not usually my favorite, but man, it works well in this instance.

The thing that almost always catches my attention is whether or not the web address includes “www.” When the World Wide Web first took off in the 1990s, you had to include “www.” because of the way domain mapping was configured. Domain mapping is the process of making a web address lead to the appropriate IP address on a server, which then displays the website.

Originally, in the early days of the web, “www” meant that the link was an internet destination leading to a website as opposed to a FTP site (a way to upload/download files to and from a server) or a mail server.

There’s no longer a need for “www.” due to advances in technology. The internet has grown up and it’s time for us to stop pushing the dubya dubya dubya.

But I need to make sure that people who see my ad know that I want them to go to this WEBSITE!

When displaying a URL to prompt viewers to visit a specific site, it’s generally implied by the .com, .edu, .org or any other web suffix. Adding the “www.” prefix only clutters your design.

Don’t believe me? Try typing “” instead of “” into your web browser’s address bar and see if you reach Google’s website.

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