Event Planning Checklist: Advance Planning Always Provides an Advantage

To have a successful event it is best to have layers of contingency. The most successful event plans are flexible. If you have planned appropriately, then you won’t suffer a huge setback when a potential roadblock appears. To gain an advantage before your next event, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you prepared for equipment failure?

  • Do you have access to electrical plugs?

  • Will you need extension cords?

  • Do you have back up bulbs if you are using a projector?

  • Do you have a backup computer?

  • Did you make sure the computer and projector cables work with your computer?

  • Do you have a backup copy of your presentation or speech (including a hard copy)?

  • Do you have the Wifi password and access to a good signal?

  • Do you have extra phone charging cords and portable phone chargers?

  • Do you have back up signage materials?

  • Do you have a backup audio system?

  • Do you have necessities such as extra bottles of water, a few granola bars or snacks, tissues and breath-mints?

  • Do you have floor plans, venue-staff phone numbers, an extra set of directions?

  • Did you make sure the area you are using is handicap accessible?

  • Do you have access to a sign-language interpreter?

  • Did you check the HVAC system to make certain the room is at a comfortable temperature?

  • Do you have a small printed and digital contact sheet with the names, titles, phone numbers and emails of everyone on your team and your client’s team for every member of both teams to have with them?

  • Do you have extra umbrellas?

  • Do you have a first-aid kit?

  • Do you have backup staff members available in case a member of the team suddenly becomes ill?

  • Do you have a backup photographer?

  • Did you check all of the restrooms to make sure they are clean, operational and supplied adequately?

  • Do you have extra media kits in the event room?

  • Do you have a backup speaker or moderator available if needed?

While this list isn’t inclusive of all the Vanguard secrets to event success, it should get you thinking about how prepared you are for your next event. We’d love to hear some of your tips for successful event planning. What’s on your checklist?

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