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I love watching television. In my mind, it’s still the greatest medium to convey messages to audiences ever invented by humans. A properly written and produced ad can deliver a hundred different messages to a target audience in a matter of seconds.

Today, a lot of people – when recording a favorite program on their DVR – choose to skip over commercials. Younger people spend a little extra money to have the non-commercial version of Hulu or YouTube delivered to their mobile devices.

But me, well, I’m a different breed of cat. I actually prefer watching commercials – something that drives my wife absolutely crazy. I can’t get enough of them. I love their inventive nature. I always get ideas from how the ad wizards on Madison Avenue deliver a tight message in a 15 or 30 second burst.

Millions are still spent every year by companies on their brands. And all companies work hard to be memorable in their own space. In fact, some commercials are so catchy that you can still recite their jingle today, even if they haven’t been on the air for decades.

“Byyy...Mennen.” “You deserve a break today.” “Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?” All embossed in my brain, and probably yours as well. Recently, that got me thinking: what are some brands that grab your attention today, in a world of all commercials, all the time? So I asked my colleagues what brand resonates with them best. Here’s what the Vanguard team had to say.

TJ Bucholz, President


Every time I see a Dawn commercial featuring that young duckling, I’m amazed at how they manage to work three important messages in about their company narrative in a span of a few seconds. 1) They care about the environment, 2) their product is safe – so safe that environmentalists use it to save wildlife from nasty oil spills, and 3) the product probably does an even better job in your sink cleaning your dishes. It’s a tight message that deserves annual accolades.

Mariah Prowoznik, Branding Director


Out of the millions of brands in the world, LEGO is my favorite. Some of my fondest memories are putting together LEGO sets – which I'm now able to share with my young nieces. LEGO also does a lot of global community outreach to engage children with play, technology, creativity, problem solving and teamwork in underprivileged areas.

Allie Marsh, Digital Media Manager

Mythical Entertainment

The branding in Mythical Entertainment is so unique and enticing. They also come out with a new logo for every aspect of their business (Good Mythical Morning, Let’s Talk About That, Ear Biscuits, Buddy System, Mythical Society, etc.), which I think is really awesome. I love their overall design, content, energy, creativity and products.

Katherine Erikson, Chief Operating Officer

Waterloo Sparkling Water Corporation

Waterloo is a brand and a product that I love to consume (the original flavor – unflavored) and I think it is the best sparkling water I have ever tasted! To get the great fresh taste, they start with reverse-osmosis purified water – which ensures that Waterloo is free of fluoride, sodium, additives and impurities. Then they use cold-force carbonation to create the bubbles, giving Waterloo a pure, refreshing, legendary taste. The brand design

is beautiful and I also like the clever catch phrase,

“Do you Waterloo?”

Natalie Scalabrino, Senior Communications Manager


Nike is known for its innovative branding and inspirational messaging. Its iconic, empowering slogan "Just Do It." can resonates with anyone – from your favorite professional athlete to your next-door neighbor. Nike is a leader in the sports world and much of that success can be attributed to the exceptional brand identity it has created.

Abby Clark, Chief Strategist

CATA (Capital Area Transportation Authority)

I love CATA! I think its super distinctive colors convey energy and speed. I also love that they've stuck with it, even though it's a little retro now. When you have a great, recognizable logo, keep it (like Coca Cola)!

Rachel Felice, Communications Manager


Coca-Cola is my favorite brand, and that’s not just because I worked for the company in college or because it tastes 100 times better (and more refreshing) than Pepsi. It’s classic, timeless and recognizable on nearly every corner of planet earth and loved by people from all different backgrounds. You will rarely meet someone who is unfamiliar with the Coca-Cola brand, and that’s the real goal of branding, right?

What are the brands that excite you? Share your favorite with us and we will feature some of your thoughts in a future blog post.

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