Twitter Best Practices

Five hundred million Tweets are sent each day. That’s 5,787 tweets every second. To some, take a small business for example, these numbers may seem intimidating. As a communications professional, I’m here to tell you with the proper tools and tactics (and a little bit of creativity) your page can become a success.

Here are a few Twitter best practices to keep in mind:

Set a goal

Think backward – what is the end goal, then, how can it be achieved? Maybe you want to increase followers or website clicks. Maybe you’re launching a product or campaign and want as many users as possible talking about it. Regardless, each goal will warrant different methods of approach. A good social media campaign takes thought, so before aimlessly posting, set an end goal and brainstorm tactics to achieve it.

Use hashtags—wisely!

Don’t over hashtag or make up long and hard to remember hashtags because the point is to be heard in a broader conversation. To join the conversation and extend your reach, try using national or statewide hashtags that already exist.

Pro Tip: Businesses can have fun on social media, too! It’s definitely okay to post content on trending hashtag days like #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayWisdom or #TBT. Creativity is often awarded and company culture posts generally do well on social media.

Optimize Your Images

Your profile and header images are the first thing users see, so the images used need to be engaging and of the highest quality. Your photos also need to follow Twitter’s image guidelines or risk the imaging collapsing in a user’s feed, subsequently cutting off important text or a person’s head.


While it might seem like Live-Tweeting is spur of the moment, it takes planning to execute in the most efficient, effective way. At Vanguard, we follow the rule of the 5 P’s when putting together a Live-Tweeting plan for clients: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Prior to Live-Tweeting, research the hashtags and users you want to engage with, and double check correct spellings. Mistakes like misspelled hashtags can take you out of the conversation, or worse, give your brand a bad reputation.

Pay to Play

While spending money on Twitter is not necessary for success, it sure can help speed along the process. When planning a social media campaign, dedicate a monthly budget and include ads in the list of tactics. Choose the best ad option for your campaign, set it up using the Twitter Ads tool (or hire a firm like Vanguard to manage it) and watch the magic happen.

Pro Tip: Try to keep an eye on your ad as much as possible. For best results, monitor the performance daily and adjust the targeting as necessary.

Looking for advice on how to improve your social media presence? We’re ready to help.

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