Staff Spotlight: Allie Marsh

Tell us about your role at Vanguard

I am currently the digital media manager here at Vanguard, so I work on a variety of project for our clients in the digital realm. This includes shooting and editing video, creating motion graphics, producing radio ads, designing logos and websites, and more. I am also the podcast producer, so I record, edit and upload all of our podcasts — which I love doing!

What do you like most about working at Vanguard?

Hands down my favorite thing about Vanguard is the people I work with. We are definitely a family here. The team is always there to step in and help when you need it, get you the perfect secret Santa gift or throw you the best birthday celebration.

How is the transition from college student to working professional going?

When I first transitioned into the professional world, it was definitely weird not leaving to go back to school in the fall. Since then, I have found that I actually enjoy having more of a daily structure and it's nice knowing what I’m doing here matters. Not having homework isn’t bad either.

Describe yourself in 5 words

Creative. Ambitious. Compassionate. Kind. Trustworthy.

What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Putting away laundry. I don’t have a problem washing the laundry or folding the laundry, but for some reason I cannot stand hanging it up and putting it all away.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

I have always been a lover of musical arts in addition to fine arts. Growing up I was in 13 theatre productions, spent 9 years playing the flute, and 6 years in choir and show choir. I come from a very musical and theatrical family, so the love of it runs in my blood.

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