Jump into your career during college

College is your moment to shine. During the academic year, it’s crucial to dedicate time to being in extracurriculars that will progress your career.

You can join registered student organizations (RSOs) and clubs or do internships that will add to your professional portfolio. You can direct almost anything you’re involved in to fit your field of interest – like serving as the communications director of your club sport. The club itself may not be related, but your role in it is and you can add that to your resume.

Potential employers want you to have experience. Never underestimate the power of those experiences either. You may think a having a small marketing role in an organization doesn’t matter, but it does and it will make you a more competitive candidate in the interviewing process.

Your involvement is central in your journey to becoming an exceptional professional. Not only will you develop your skills, but you will also start building your network, which is key in any industry. Put forth the effort and be passionate about what you’re doing – you’ll learn more and have more fun.

College is the perfect place to grow, but nobody is going to hand you the tools you need to succeed. You have to create your own opportunities. It’s your responsibility to make college some of the most beneficial years of your professional life. So what are you waiting for?

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