Michigan’s bridges are bad — and a fix could take nearly a century

Michigan’s bridges are in such bad shape — 11% are in poor or worse condition compared with 8% nationwide — that fixing them at the current pace could take an estimated 92 years.

As of 2018, there were 62 bridges around the state that were actually closed to traffic, including 13 in Wayne County. Overall, it's a nightmarish portrait that requires attention.

T.J. Bucholz, president and managing partner of Vanguard Public Affairs in Lansing, said we could be in for a long battle.

"The days right now of passing a budget in June as Gov. Snyder did when Republicans controlled every branch of government — that’s over," Bucholz said.

“I think unless there’s some massive sort of release of the logjam, I think that we are in for a long summer. ... The sad part about that is, that’s another summer of citizens driving on dangerous roads and crumbling bridges.”

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