Staff Spotlight: Terzah Dyer

Tell us about your role at Vanguard

I am Vanguard’s communications associate. As part of my internship, I do a variety of tasks, primarily contributing to social media, writing blogs, copyediting, providing news research and creating media lists. Each day looks different depending on the needs of my supervisors.

What do you hope for in the future of your professional career?

I hope to constantly grow as a professional, always learning and opening my eyes to new ideas and different ways to communicate. I also hope no matter what path of PR I choose to follow, I am passionate about the work I am part of. I think passion is what drives happiness.

You recently completed your first year at Central Michigan University. What is the most important thing the Integrative Public Relations program has taught you so far?

I think the most important thing CMU’s IPR program has taught me thus far is to shoot my shot. To explain, there have been many times where I’ve had to jump into the deep end and figure out how to swim. A perfect example is when I designed and wrote content for a newsletter – something I had never done before. With limited knowledge of what was expected, I went for it and achieved positive results with minor suggestions for improvement. This learning technique has allowed me to be more confident and bold when tackling new projects.

What color Crayola would you be?

Wisteria, which is close to a lavender-purple. I chose Wisteria because it’s named after the beautiful wisteria tree/vine and, of course, purple was Prince’s favorite color, and I’m a huge Prince fan.

Describe yourself in five words

Friendly. Unique. Adventurous. Creative. Compassionate.

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