Democrats open minded on first debate, but expert 'underwhelmed'

As the first 10 of 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls took the stage Wednesday night, voters in East Lansing watched the rapid-fire responses with largely open minds.

But not all Democrats planned to watch.

Michigan strategist TJ Bucholz said he might tune in for parts of the two-night affair but was not particularly interested in seeing who could “pivot to their talking points the fastest” or take advantage of a “gotcha moment.”

Many Democrats are ready to rally around any candidate who emerges from the primaries to challenge Trump, Bucholz said.

“I’m one of those voters who would vote for a trash bag so long as it has a D behind it,” he said. “As a purveyor of Democratic politics in this cycle, for me, (debate) performance does not matter as much as unseating the president at our earliest opportunity.”

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