Two More Election Day Wins for Vanguard Clients

Michiganders hit the polls on Tuesday, March 10, to fulfill their civic duty. For the team at Vanguard Public Affairs, this Election Day was about more than just voting in the Presidential primary—it was about the future for two of our educational clients.

Several communities and public school districts in Michigan had ballot proposals on the March 10, 2020 ballot. Two of our school clients Pontiac School District and Flint Community Schools, were among them.

  • Pontiac School District asked constituents to vote on a school improvement bond and a building and site sinking fund renewal. The $147 million bond proposal was designed to upgrade all Pontiac School District facilities with additions to classrooms and building security without raising taxes.

  • Flint Community Schools asked constituents to renew the sinking fund millage and pass the Flint Community Schools Bond Proposal to address the growth of the school district. These proposals were designed to continue to eliminate debt while building a bright future for current and potential FCS students.

The Vanguard team worked closely with the staff of each school district to create messaging that accurately reflected their specific needs. Through a targeted media strategy that included direct mail, social media and relevant web content, Vanguard connected voters to the school districts—engaging them to take charge of the district’s future and to provide opportunities for academic success.


  • Pontiac Schools Improvement Bond passed with 9,670 votes in favor (73% of votes) and 3,452 votes in opposition (26% of votes).

  • Pontiac Schools Building and Site Sinking Fund proposal passed with 9,771 votes in favor (74% of votes) and 3,405 votes in opposition (25% of votes).

  • Flint Community Schools Bonding Proposal passed with 10,168 votes in favor (69.16% of votes) and 4,118 votes in opposition (28.01% of votes).

  • Flint Community Schools Sinking Fund Millage Proposal passed with 9,569 votes in favor (65.09% of votes) and 4,628 votes in opposition (31.48% of votes).

Vanguard is proud to have partnered with these school districts to bring home these important victories. Strengthening our public schools builds a stronger future for all of us. We have a long list of positive election outcomes for clients and are excited to add another two to the list.

Vanguard Public Affairs leverages the skills of its team to communicate and educate audiences on behalf of its clients. If you are an organization in need of dynamic and powerful messaging strategies, Vanguard Public Affairs stands ready to help.

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