Before joining Vanguard's team as Creative Director, Wes co-founded a small web solutions company, specializing in instructional graphics and video tutorials for schools and businesses. Wes has expertise in graphic design, photography, videography and audio production. He is a valued addition to Vanguard's creative team.

Wes is a proud alumnus of Grand Valley State University (GVSU). Before he studied Film and Video Production as an undergraduate, he attended the Capital Area Career Center, now referred to as the Wilson Talent Center. He studied New Media, which included courses in next-generation digital, audio and video creation.

As a student at GVSU, Wes received an Excellence-in-a-Discipline Award in 2016. Utilizing the taught technical processes and creative theories, he employed his entrepreneurial spirit as a print advertising and digital marketing freelancer.

Wes joined Vanguard to fulfill his continually growing passion for artistically conveying ideas through high-quality content.

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